A Waltz for Mr Wrong

I came for a kiss, but I wound up with this
A sweet, silly song
That's been long, long, longing
for so long

Straight from the lips, that were longing to kiss
A sweet, sweet song
For the real, long, longing
in my heart

No you dont give me
What I think I need
But you do give me
Something way more sweet
Its a golden key
to the treasure in me

I wasn't too sure, when I walked out your door
What happened in there
But it sure, sure wasn't what I came for
A gift from the soul of a beautiful man
with the deep black eyes that told me 'you can'
The music is waiting, its time to be true
I am just me, now go and be you

I came for a kiss, but I wound up with this
A beautiful song
From a heart long longing
to be heard

Sung with the lips

That were parting to kiss
A freedom song
And my freedom from 
Mr Wrong

Copyright belongs to Jacqueline Jorgensen

8 February 2015

Just Wanna be Me

Instrumental intro easy pace swing-style  (C, G, F, C, F, C, F, G , C) Repeated throughout with variations around the cords

(girl sings)
I dont wanna  C
You dont wanna G
What is wrong with we?  F, C
I used to wanna F
But now I dont wanna C
Cos I just wanna be me F, G, C

(and the band plays the tune over at easy swing pace)

I still love ya
No-one above ya
This, my dear is true
You used to wanna
But now you dont wanna
Cos you just wanna be you

(girl and guy together)
We dont wanna
So we aint gonna
Jump back in the stew
Of you and all ya mamas (girl only)
And your hanna-hanna-hanna's (guy only)
Cos that just makin us blue (together)

No I dont wanna  (girl)
And I dont wanna (guy)
What went wrong with we? (together)
I really used to wanna (girl)
Now I just dont wanna (guy)
Cos I really just wanna be me (together)

(girl sings)
Ill miss ya baby
Someday Ill kiss ya maybe
From Maui or Amsterdam
Cos tho I do not wanna
And neither do ya wanna
You'll always be my man

band plays a break

(guy sings)
See I just cannot
Live in a corner
Too much of life to see
Cos tho I love ya baby
And you'll always be my lady
I just gotta be free


(girl, half time and take up a third)

And I aint gonna
sit back and watchya flaunt her
Too many fish in the sea
And I aint gonna holler
for a guy who's done a runner
It justbig and slow big- band crescendo aint good enough for me

Copyright belongs to Jacqueline Jorgensen  16 February 2016

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