A Waltz with a Trojan Horse

Hey Mr god, Mr sexy-head
Thank you for being my muse
My song had to come
Its been labouring so long
Who better to to birth it than you

Disguised as a pauper, a hermit, a king
A gentleman, watching-and-wishing, a wolf
Pray Mr god, with your sexy hair
Is your silken cocoon not really a lair?

Say Mr god from your smoky haze
Always a-looking, now what did you find?
A prey with a prayer for some sexy hair?
Did you talk about Jesus
While you fucked with her mind?

A queen with an eye for a glorious mane
And a heart for a bird with a broken wing
She saw the hunter, the hermit, the pauper
She believed in the eagle
She fell in love with the king

You pierced her with nails of poison seduction
You bound up her heart with a sticky silk cord
And once she was yours, and safe in your lair
You suckled her beauty, then cut off her hair

So gently, so kindly, so softly, sincerely
Such magical wisdom, no, none would believe
The tale of a silken cocoon that's a dungeon
The rivers of pain that await the naïve

You starved her and dined on her sumptuous bounty
You threw her your crumbs to a mockingbird song
You brought in your Judas to laugh and betray her
Your Innocent Mantra: “I do her no wrong”

Even an angel would scream like a banshee
The whitest of hearts could be swaddled in green
If a king were not true to the love set before him
He'd breed aberration - Maleficent queen

She shrivels and hisses in manacled  protest
She douses with poison to temper the burn
of alchemy's fire that is scorching her raw
 “She's always been mad”  is the mockingbird caw

Now the ghost of a beautiful queen haunts the dungeon
Of a broken-winged eagle she thought was her king
In the deep of his dream he will still hear her music
He will kneel before God and he'll weep, while she sings

So once you have preyed and you've and loved you've layed

and now that you've played  and you've toyed and you've strayed

Even after you've maimed her and shamed her and blamed her

Still..... her blue eyes can see......

Keep hunting, tiger
The firehorse is free

There you have it Mr god, Mr knowitall
Your trojan horse has always been high
Some thoughts for your pipe
to smoke though the dark night

And a few little truths that might help you to cry

Copright belongs to Jacqueline Jorgensen
8 February 2014


fragile voice
my grace is free
gently sound this promise
dance heaven
sigh sky
birth music
shine I

Copyright belongs to Jacqueline Jorgensen Dec 2015


He makes a safe space on the earth just for me
He keeps my home a sanctuary
While fires are blazing
and tyres are burning
and wars are raging
and worlds stop turning

A rainbow of Grace covers me, keeps me whole
And I am held, by the Lover of my soul

He's with me always, closer than skin
He's present to each space I'm in
While minds are churning
and hearts are yearning
and fears are gnawing
and tears are flowing
and I cant breath
cos I am drowning

An ocean of Grace floats me up, keeps me whole
and I am held, by the Lover of my soul

He's always there,  showing me
The way to go and how to see
When darkness blinds me
and troubles find me
my senses ailing;  my vessel failing

and I am falling......

It's me he's calling

A river of Grace carries me, takes me home
To be held, by the Lover of my soul

Copyright belongs to Jacqueline Jorgensen
16 February 2015

Balancing Act

A little raw patch on my foot

from high heeled pointy shoes

that were most necces'ry last week

to dance away my blues

reminds me of the the Wonderment

of Disco' D's Delights

by far the Show to end all Shows

and Night to end all Nights

They say 'You Play, you have to Pay'

I say 'I'll pay with Pleasure'

A little blister on my foot!

a strep throat for good measure

So just to keep the balance right

with Nights of Fun Sublime

This Friday night, though Guy Fawks night

I am in bed at nine.
Copyright belongs to Jacqueline Jorgensen Nov 2010

There was a man with muscles big
Tho often nice, could be a pig
He had to juggle babes around
to satisfy his inner hound
A hungry dog, large appetite
Who could not sleep alone at night

His latest babe, with eyes a-flitter
posted love struck rhymes on Twitter
So enthralled with him was she,
just listen to her poetry:

"They say it never rains, it pours
months of silence, now a lover who snores
- but the loveliest guy i've met in years
so what if i sleep with plugs in my ears!

The internet is so much fun
You can google anyone
So when his other love discovered
the writings of his new beloved
and invite to "come out and play"
- here is what she had to say:

"Months of silence can drive a girl mad
enough to fall for an absolute cad
who keeps her awake with snores that delight
for at least she's not alone night after night,
but never she guesses the night before
those snores kept awake the girl next door"
Copyright belongs to Jacqueline Jorgensen
September 2010

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