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Christopher's death inspired a 4 month solitary journey along the West,South and East coasts of South Africa .

Joy and inspiration were rediscovered combing the beaches of these beautiful coasts and messages of abundance and creativity flooded my consciousness, offering me peace during the most painful and desperate time of my life.

God showed me His love by reminding me of His gifts of eternal life and Grace, and comforted me through His beautiful creation by presenting me with little symbols and treasures in abundance.
Spirit offered me messages of Truth and creative visions in abundance in my deep solitude
I started to feel supported by the abundant life that is my free and unconditional gift.
John 10:10 became my mantra
What else do we have to offer this world but our creativity, the expression of our unique essence?

What greater Love is there than the Love of the Creator for His creation?

Is this not the very love we have in us for our children?

I pray that my inspired pieces will carry these expressions of love and messages of abundance out into the world and be of inspiration and comfort to others in the way they was given to me.

Jacquie Jorgensen

“Time to Shine Mama!” Christopher James Elliott

All the pieces shown in this gallery have been sold, but most can be replicated or similar work produced to size and budget.  Commissions most welcome

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