I am a deep tissue and sports massage therapist with a studio in Hout Bay.  I am able to travel with my portable massage table to my clients as well.  While I am also able to offer a very gentle, relaxing massage, this should not be confused with sensual massage.  My work is strictly for health and healing.

In my home studio I offer the option of Red Light Therapy.   This is a full body treatment which takes half an hour prior to the massage.  It provides a warm treatment which penetrates the skin and deeply relaxes the muscles, relieves pain, heals wounds and injuries and has the added benefit of skin rejuvenation.  This treatment may be taken on its own without the massage.
Please call or sms me on 082 653 3509.
My 4 Week Detox program consists of 2 x 2 hour sessions per week (8 sessions in total).  Each session consists of a Red Light Therapy session of 30 minutes a Detoxifying Massage of 30 minutes, an Emotion Code Release (energy work) and a Detoxifying Body Wrap.  During the 4 weeks the client is also required to adhere to a gentle detoxifying eating program.
Average loss is 4kg and approximately 50cm during the 4 week period.
Individual sessions are also offered as a quickslim solution for special occasions.

HT Red Light Collagen Bed

Red Light therapy offers anti-aging, photo rejuvenation wound and injury healing and pain relief solutions for the whole body.  Originally developed by NASA to grow plants in space it was discovered that Red Light penetrates the skin by 8-10 mm stimulating the fibroblasts to produce collagen and new capilliaries.  The results being:
Healing of sun damage - hyper and hypo pigmentation andwrinkles, fading of stretchmarks, reduction in cellulite scar, injury and wound healing, healing of acne pain relief in conditions such as fibromyalgia.
Minimum recommended course of 25-30 sessions for optimum results.

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